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Virtual Reality (Windows only) Expansion Pack

Fully immerse yourself in your ShotPro project.  Experience stunning reality with full positional and rotational control.


Getting Started:​​

  1. Run ShotPro on your Windows machine.

  2. Connect the Oculus Link Cable or use Virtual Desktop wifi.  Virtual desktop may introduce a small lag but you have a greater range of motion.

  3. Open Project and press the VR button.

  4. Put on your headset and you will be immersed in the ShotPro scene. 

  5. Get used to the navigation and begin editing the scene.

Oculus controllers.png

Virtual Reality on Mobile

ShotPro supports viewing your movie in VR. This will require a headset such as the Google Cardboard. You will need to run ShotPro on your mobile device. Then you will need to enable Virtual Reality mode in the Viewfinder menu. Next, click Preview and enable 360° mode. Now place your phone into your headset and that’s it.

Stereoscopic 3D VR View

View your scene or project in stereoscopic VR mode (mobile).

  1. Tap the main viewfinder.

  2. Press the "3D splitscreen" button.

  3. Press the project playback button.

  4. Use VR goggles to see the 3D effect.

  5. Can be used with 360º view.


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