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MoCap (Body)

Capture custom full body movements using your iOS device and use them in ShotPro on your Designer Characters. Available free to owners of the Face MoCap Expansion Pack now called Face & Body MoCap. New in ShotPro 4.8.

Important: Body MoCap requires iOS 13 & A12/A12X Bionic chip.  Check the specs on your iPhone or iPad to see if they qualify.

To get started, press the MoCap button in the Project Browser.

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mocap 4.jpeg
  • Then follow the on screen instructions.

  • Once you have captured your animation, you can rename or trim it by pressing the EDIT button

  • To send it to another computer press the SHARE button.

  • You can open a project and apply the new animation onto a Designer Character.

  • You can record MoCaps with or without a tripod.  Tripod will generally yield better results.

  • If your subject is moving through an environment you can follow them while recording their motion.

  • You can record a MoCap of a person appearing in a video.  Tripod is highly recommended in this case.

  • Clothes should not be too loose or baggy.

  • The lighting should not be too dark.

  • You do not need a special background like a green screen.

Subject should be fully within the frame for the entire move.

  • Body MoCaps work with Designer Characters only.

  • Currently Body MoCaps do not cross blend with other animations.

  • Also currently posing is not supported with Body MoCaps. 

Sharing Body MoCaps to non-iOS devices is possible by sending the project that contains the motion captures from your iOS device to your Mac or Windows computers. This will also work with ShotPro S.

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