MoCap (Body)

Capture custom full body movements using your iOS device and use them in ShotPro on your Designer Characters.

Important: Body MoCap requires iOS 13 & A12/A12X Bionic chip.

Clothes should not be too loose or baggy.

The lighting should not be too dark.


Subject should be fully within the frame for the entire move.

A tripod should be used for best results.

Additionally you can successfully capture motions from recorded video by aiming camera at the monitor.  Tripod is highly recommended.

This is the first screen that comes up in ShotPro MoCap. Here you can create character animations.

It is recommended that this be done with 2 people (one holding the phone and the other being recorded) but it can be done with just 1 person. 1 person requires a tripod.

Make sure that the person is centered in the screen. Once the person has been detected, a 3D avatar will be created. This avatar will mimic the movements of the person and give you an idea of what the animation will look like in ShotPro.

Once the avatar has been created and is successfully mimicking the movements, you may then begin recording.

To begin recording, press the Record Button (bottom-middle section of the screen).

To stop recording, press the Record Button again.

Press the View all Button to see all of your previous recordings and transfer them to another device.

This shows all recordings that you have made on the device.


You can transfer these animations to another device (such as a computer) for use in ShotPro. Tap on a recording to bring up the Sharing Menu. Then select one of the transfer methods.

Tip: Tap and slide to the left on one of the recordings to delete.

Tip: Animation files end with the .mocap suffix.

You can view all of the imported recordings in the Animations Menu in ShotPro.

1) Select a Designer Character.

2) Click the Animation Button in the Inspector.

3) Click the My Animations Button.

Press the Import button to import new animations (.mocap files).

Click on an animation to apply it onto the selected character.

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