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A vast array of functionality for each object.

ShotPro version 4.1

The inspector has been optimized   It now requires only one click to get to any inspector item.  Lock Object feature has been added to version 4.1.

ShotPro User Interface Inspector
ShotPro User Interface Inspector
ShotPro User Interface Various
ShotPro User Interface Camera
ShotPro User Interface Character


ShotPro Inspector

    The Inspector contains all of the object-specific controls. Some of the standard controls available on all objects include position, rotation, and scale. Certain properties such as position and rotation contain numeric values. Click on a property to select it and view its value. Click on the value to type in a new value.


Note: Not all Inspector properties contain numeric values; some are buttons that either open another menu or do something important.


Tip: Hold option and use the Mouse Scroll Wheel while the mouse is hovered over one of the controls to modify its value.


Tip: Click and drag vertically on a property to modify its value.

ShotPro Inspector Wheel

Inspector Wheel


The Inspector Wheel is where you modify the value of the selected property. Click and drag up to increase the value, and drag down to decrease the value. The Inspector Wheel is primarily beneficial on Mobile devices, as there are numerous other ways of entering values on Desktop.


It can be placed on the left or right side of the screen, or turned off completely in Settings.

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