Controls global settings.

Auto Save

  • automatically saves the current project after every 5 changes in the stage view.

Energy Saver

  • lowers the frame rate to conserve energy.  

  • Does not effect the export.


  • Can be set to 1meter, .5 meters, and 1 foot or it can be turned off.  

  • This setting will determine snapping position.

Grid Color

  • allows you to set the color of the grid.

Import PNG

  • set to on when importing a PNG with transparency.

Show Text

  • determines if text on screen is visible during export, playback and snapshots.

Show Touches

  • visualizes any touch or mouse click.

Show Outline

  • highlights the selected object.

  • more efficient when turned off.

Size   m    f

  • switches between meters and feet unit of measurement.

Toolbar Titles

  • toggles toolbar titles on and off.

Control Mode

  • sets the control mode for object navigation.

Dial Y - Rotation

  • brings up the Y rotation dial.

Dial Left Right

  • sets the input dial to left or right side of the screen.

High Quality 

  • enables shadows,

  • more accurate lighting 

  • higher quality textures

  • less efficient.  May cause slower frame rate while editing or playback.  Does not effect exported movie.

Nav (simple)

  • when ON, constrains the freedom of motion in the stage view.

Selection Focus

  • when ON, focuses the Stage view on the selected object.

Show Guides 

  • enables camera field of view guides,

  • grid lines and 

  • keyframe path lines.

  • more efficient when turned off.


  • enables rotation and position snapping in the stage view.  

  • grid size determines the snapping distance.


  • makes tooltips active or inactive.

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