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In ShotPro 4.1 you can save your favorite objects for quick access.

Favorites are special objects that let you save your object modifications for reuse in the future. For instance, say your main actor, James, is going to appear in many scenes within your project. It may then be wise to turn James into a Favorite so that you have quick access to James regardless of which scene you happen to be in. Objects marked as Favorite appear in the Props -> Favorites section of the Sidebar. You can turn any object in the scene into a Favorite by clicking on the Favorite button in the Inspector OR right-clicking it in the 3D View and selecting Favorite.


Note: Favorites are global meaning they are accessible in all projects on the device.


Tip: You can rename or delete a favorite by right-click.


Click and hold any object while you are in the "Add Object" area and you can make it a Favorite.

It will then appear in the Favorites category for quick access.

To remove it from the Favorites category, click and hold the object.

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