Older Versions

Release Notes v4.6.12

- Added link to official ShotPro Users Manual, accessed from the Help popup.

- Added Favorite button to the Inspector.

- Improved audio file compatibility.

Release Notes v4.6.10

  • Added soft light.

  • Bug fixes.

Includes Trial Version

Release Notes v4.6.4

  • New Favorites system

  • Expansion Pack purchasing improvement

Release Notes v4.6.3


  • Added Pro Cam feature

  • Camera Shake

  • Fisheye lens

  • Energy optimizations

  • Improved license manager

Includes Trial Version

Release Notes v4.6.2


  • Fixed surface bug with color and texture picker.

Release Notes v4.6.1


  • Added new scene templates.

  • Bug fixes.

Includes Trial Version

Includes Trial Version

Release Notes v4.6


Release Notes v4.4


  • NEW Fog Expansion Pack with advanced volumetric rendering. (Mac, PC)

  • Improved Restore Purchases button visibility. (iOS, MAS)

  • Applied a beautiful background blur to some popups.

  • Added icons to Projects menu.

  • Added Advanced Settings for all objects.

  • Modernized Scene Settings menu.

  • Fixed 3D transform gizmo not clickable

  • Added color & intensity settings for Sunlight.

  • Added a bunch more built-in Face MoCap Templates.

  • Improved instructions for multi-display mode.

  • Auto-focus on active scene when entering Scenes menu.

​ShotPro 4.3.7 Release Notes

  • Fixed aspect presets not working correctly sometimes in Export menu.

  • (Desktop) Added Save As feature, press and hold the Save Pjt button. 

  • Added titles to My Images.

  • (PC) Added MP4 compression to windows standalone exporter. 

  • Added multi-display support allowing you to display the viewfinder on an external display.

  • (iOS) Made Set Designer dots/lines easier to tap. 

  • (Mac) Improved full screen handling on Mac OS.

  • Added delete button to my images. Just press and hold.

  • Made dimensioning work on whole object instead of fragments.

  • (iOS) Fixed AR navigation.

  • Made character attaching work in object list.

  • Added ability to set scene length by frames or seconds.

ShotPro 4.3.5 Release Notes

  • Set Designer has been improved. Now it includes doors & windows! Also the ability to lock the set.

  • Export menu improvements. Added aspect ratio presets, custom frame rate, and ability to exclude audio.

  • Fixed Attach bug.

Release Notes for version 4.3
  • Major Announcement! Set Builder is here!

  • Fixed audio sync issue in exports.

  • Upgraded Post FX Pro with Edge effect.

Release Notes for version 4.2.1 & 4.2.2 Android
  • New Navigation mode 
  • Audio Track improvements 
  • Bug fixes.
Release Notes for version 4.2
  • Post FX Pro - Expansion Pack.  Includes color grading, and other customizable Post FX
  • Audio Track - Add multiple audio clips per scene.  Trim and adjust position and volume.
  • Lens Flares - Each light has its own lens flare control.
  • Bug fixes.

Release Notes v4.7 Mac beta

  • Added Prop Shop. Quickly request and receive new props.

  • UI improvements.

  • Improved Prop Search.

Includes Trial Version

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