1.  What OS is required for ShotPro? 
-macOS  10.12 or newer.
-iOS  8.0 or newer.  
-Windows  7 or newer.
-Android  Ice Cream Sandwich or newer.
2.  Do I have to buy another copy of ShotPro for Mac, PC or Android even though I purchased a copy for iOS.  
Yes, each platform is a separate purchase, unless you purchase the Standalone version of ShotPro.  One license can be used on Mac, PC or Android, however iOS is still a separate purchase since there is no  Standalone iOS version available.
3.  Can you share projects between platforms?  
Absolutely.  All platforms are fully compatible as long as they are the same version.  Opening a project created with a newer version of ShotPro with an older version is not recommended.  You can use Dropbox or the sharing options to move projects between platforms.

4.  How can I get more props?  
We are continuously adding more props via new packs.  If you do not see what you want please send us a request.
5.  How do I import a project into an iOS device?
You can AirDrop it.  Just zip the project first and then AirDrop it to your iOS device.  It will give you the option to open it in ShotPro. Also you can drag it in through iTunes, or use Dropbox.
6.  How can I improve the resolution on Mac retina displays?  
There are several resolution switching apps available that can switch the retina mode to hi res mode.  Then you can use ShotPro's unique UI scaling feature to adjust the size of the interface.

7.  Is there a free trial I can try of ShotPro?  

Yes there is a free trial version of ShotPro available Here

8.  Who is using ShotPro? 
ShotPro is being used all of over the industry! From Hollywood professionals to inde filmmakers, stunt directors, also anyone who wants to tell a story.