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FAQs for ShotPro HQ

What is the difference between ShotPro HQ, Shotpro Standalone, ShotPro S and ShotPro iOS?
ShotPro Standalone and the iOS versions are the oldest, and ShotPro S and ShotPro HQ are the newest versions. The S and HQ versions are subscription only.  Due to different authoring approaches for the S and HQ versions, their projects are only compatible with their respective versions for now.  The advantages of the subscription versions are they have some of the lates upgrades and you do not have to purchase any expansion packs. 
How do I pause or cancel my subscription?
Go to the products page and press the "Unsubscribe/Pause Subscription" button.  If you need help, you can email support and we will assist you.
Can I migrate my license to a different computer?
​Yes.  Press the License Management icon and follow the instructions.
Can I import my own character and have it animate?
​Yes.  Now you can import Daz characters and once in ShotPro you can apply animations and poses to it.
I purchased the subscription but didn't get my license.
​Your should have received two emails one from PayPal (your receipt) and one from us (contains the license).  Sometimes the emails may automatically end up in your Spam or Junk folders.  If you have already checked there, please email support and we will resend your license.
Can I reset my license?
Yes.  Press the License Management icon and follow the instructions.
I am getting a low frame rate on my older machine.
You can go to the user manual and see the numerous ways you can improve the frame rate performance.  To get to the user manual press any (?) question mark in the ShotPro HQ app.
Can I use a second monitor with ShotPro?
Yes.  When a second monitor is connected you will get the option to use it when you press the viewfinder icon.


What is the difference between ShotPro S, ShotPro 2021 and ShotPro Standalone?
  • ShotPro S is the same as 2021 just renamed.  ShotPro Standalone is non subscription and the projects created with the S and 2021 version are not compatible with Standalone. 
What OS is required for ShotPro? 
  • -macOS  10.12 or newer.
  • -iOS  8.0 or newer.  
  • -Windows  7 or newer.
  • -Android  Ice Cream Sandwich or newer.
Do I have to buy another copy of ShotPro for Mac, PC or Android even though I purchased a copy for iOS.  
  • Yes, each platform is a separate purchase, unless you purchase the Standalone version of ShotPro.  One license can be used on Mac, PC or Android, however iOS is still a separate purchase since there is no Standalone iOS version available.
What is the best way to get support?
How do I import a project into an iOS device?
  • You can AirDrop it.  Just zip the project first and then AirDrop it to your iOS device.  It will give you the option to open it in ShotPro. Also you can drag it in through iTunes, or use Dropbox.
How can I improve the resolution on Mac retina displays?  
  • There are several resolution switching apps available that can switch the retina mode to hi res mode.  Then you can use ShotPro's unique UI scaling feature to adjust the size of the interface.
Who is using ShotPro? 
  • ShotPro is being used all of over the industry! From Hollywood to Bollywood pros, to indie filmmakers, film production studios, stunt coordinators, and anyone who wants to tell a story.

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