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Expanded in 4.1 to include Text, Print, Face MoCap and Camera Cut tracks.  Timeline is now zoomable.

ShotPro version 4.1

Activate/deactivate custom tracks

Lets you add multiple text events in one scene.

Specify the exact frame/s you want to appear in the printed storyboard.

Face Capture track lets you precisely control the placement of your expressions.

Camera Cuts has its own dedicated track.

Zoom timeline in/out

Note:  Some tracks require expansion packs.

IN/OUT settings

IN and OUT settings in the timeline are useful for quickly achieving precise edits for each scene.  When you press Play Project, you can see the effect of IN/OUT settings.


    The Timeline is where you do all of your time-based work including recording camera movements, managing camera cuts, and recording voice overs.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 8.51.42 PM.png
  • Rewind: Move the Timeline Cursor to the beginning.

  • Play: Play your scene. Click anywhere to stop.

  • End: Move the cursor to the end.

  • Preview: Watch your movie in a fullscreen video player.

  • Add Keyframe: Add a keyframe at the cursor’s position. An object must be selected.

  • Zoom In: Zooms in to the Timeline making it easy to make minor adjustments.

  • Zoom Out: Zooms out of the Timeline.

  • Zoom Reset: Reset’s the zoom to 100%.

  • Tracks: Show’s a menu where you can control which Tracks are visible in the Timeline.

  • Tip: You can zoom in/out of the Timeline by holding option and using the mouse scroll wheel.

  • These options become available by clicking once on the Timeline Cursor.

  • Set In: Moves the in point to the cursor’s position.

  • Set Out: Moves the out point to the cursor’s position.

  • Add Print Marker: Creates a Print Marker.

  • Add Text Marker: Creates a Text Marker.

  • Add Face Cap Marker: Add a Face Cap Marker into the Timeline. Designer Character must be selected.

  • Add Audio Clip: Add an Audio Clip into the Timeline.

  • Scene Length: Set the duration of the scene. Tap on Sec. text to switch between seconds and frames.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 9.06.59 PM.png

Please see the Timeline Tracks page for more details.

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