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ShotPro S
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ShotPro HQ
ShotPro S is subscription only and contains all of the features of the Standalone plus new ones. There is no need to buy any expansions packs, as they are included. ShotPro S projects are not compatible with projects created in other versions of ShotPro.
ShotPro HQ is the latest version available. It is similar to ShotPro S but has significant improvements.  It's free to use with your ShotPro S subscription license.  ShotPro HQ projects are not compatible with projects created with other versions of ShotPro.  


$ 9.99 USD/ 1 mo.

6 Month 

$ 44.99 USD/ 6 mo.


$ 79.99 USD/ 1 yr.

ShotPro S and ShotPro HQ can be installed on 1 machine.  Internet connection required for activation.  System Requirements: Mac OS 10.12 & newer.  System Requirements: Windows 7 & newer.  
We offer discounts to educational institutions, inquire here.
You can also purchase ShotPro on the App Store.
ShotPro Icon macOS
ShotPro Standalone
System Requirements: Mac OS 10.12 & later, Windows 7 & later, Android 4.1 & later.

Single license

$35 USD


Perpetual 4.x license.vCan be installed on one machine Mac or Windows.  

Dual license

$70 USD


Perpetual 4.x license.  Can be installed on two machines, Mac and/or Windows

Mac standalone Installation
  1. Download the Mac version by clicking on the download button. 
  2. Once unzipped, click on the ShotPro icon.
  3. If you get an error message click here for more info.
Windows standalone Installation
  1. Download the PC version.
  2. Once downloaded, run the ShotPro app. You must be connected to the internet.
  3. On some machines you may have to temporarily disable the Anti-Virus software in order to register the license.
Android standalone Installation
  1. Download the Android version.

  2. Once dowloaded, open Settings on your device.

  3. Press General

  4. Press Security

  5. Enable “Unknown sources”

Before you upgrade to a new version please be sure to make backup copies of any important projects.
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