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Augmented Reality  (iOS only Expansion Pack)

Give your film production a rocket-boost.This is an Expansion Pack which allows you to mix the 3D objects from within the app with the real world camera output.  You can position and edit the objects in the Stage View or in the AR view. 

Superimpose your 3D scene over a live camera view and record the result.

     1. Create a scene with animations in the stage view or in the AR view.  

     2. If you created it in the stage view zoom in to where you want to be for AR and hit the AR button.

     3. Once you enter AR View, your Stage View ground and sky will be replaced with the live camera view. Aim the device camera

         toward the ground and move it slowly until you hear a short beep and the sync indicator light turns green.

     4. Now look around until you see your objects.

     5. You can hit the screen record button any time by pressing REC.  You can also toggle the UI on or off and hit the "Hide UI & Play".

     6. When you want to stop recording hit the REC button again.

Record a camera move to an existing camera using AR controlled motion.

     1. In Stage View select the camera you want to use and press the Handheld + button.

     2. You can now walk around and notice the camera tracking your movements.

     3. You can hit the Record button in the popup and record your motion.

     4. Play the timeline and you will see the camera move.

     5. Press the Control button next to the Handheld+ button and you can choose if you want to apply any smoothing.

Scale your scene in order to create a flyover move.

     1. You can uniformly scale all the objects in a scene by entering AR view and pressing the Scale button.

     2. To record a flyover move press the Record Motion button.  This will create a new camera and also record the motion of that camera.

     3. Go back to the Stage view to see the camera move.


Note: The first time you use AR, ShotPro will ask you for permission to access your camera. Once you have granted permission, then AR mode will begin.

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