Scene audio

  • Voice Over lets you record from your microphone

  • Import your own audio clips in .wav format.

Global audio

  • Built-in background music, includes dozens of looping songs.

  • Custom Audio Track lets you import your own custom audio track.

Scene Audio - each scene can have multiple audio clips.  Clips can be recorded with microphone or imported wave files.

  • Audio file must be ".wav" format.  Mono tracks are preferred.

  • Import multiple clips per scene.  Trim clips and adjust volume.

  • "Move Back" and "Move Forward" buttons help to organize the clips for easier editing.

  • Drag and Drop clips into the Timeline.

Global Audio - is different from Scene Audio.  It will play across all of the scenes and is not editable in each scene.

  • To access the Global Audio, press the "Music Bed' Button.

Importing a Global Audio (Music Bed) clip:

  • Audio file must be ".wav" format

  • Press the Import icon.

  • iOS use Airdrop or Email

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