Expansion Packs 

Expand the power of ShotPro with a growing list of Expansion Packs.

Airplanes Pack  $9.99

11 items in this pack.  Airliners, cargo, private, helicopter and sport planes.  Propellers can be set to animate.

Animals 1  $14.99

18 animals including forest, domestic, and African animals.  All have their own set of animations.

Augmented Reality  $19.99         POPULAR!

Create stunning AR effects, record and make movie.  Also use AR tracking for cameras.  (requires late model iOS device for AR effect).

Backgrounds Pack  $14.99        POPULAR!

  • Background Plane - scalable, positionable, rotatable plane for adding your own backdrops.

  • Panoramas - are enabled so you can customize your horizon.

  • SkyMap - allows for customization of the whole sky.  You can add you own images to customize the sky.

  • Chromakey - is a plane which has a single color and is not effected by lighting.  The color can be set.

Birds 1  $9.99

7 birds included.  All have their set of animations.

Clothes Pack  $7.99

103 items in this pack.  These are designed to be hanging in a closet or store racks.  They are not usable for the characters.  

Dinosaurs  $9.99

6 popular dinosaurs with their own sets of animations.   

Face MoCap  $49.99

Easily capture your facial expressions and add them to the designer characters.     

Farmers' Market  $8.99

136 items, including fruits, vegetables, breads and more.  Some are in baskets.     

Heros & Villains  $9.99

10 people with a hero or villain theme.    

Lens Flares  $9.99           NEW!

19 different flares available for each light source.     

Medieval Pack  $14.99

151 items.  Construction pieces from the Medieval period.  Also includes a dragon, a horseman warrior and horses.  

Miscellaneous 1  $12.99

61 various items.   

Miscellaneous 2  $19.99    

223 items.  Modern furniture, rooms, game equipment, exercise equipment, kid's stuff and more.   

Musical Instruments  $12.99

45 items.      

Nature Pack  $12.99

108 items.  Trees, bushes, rocks and snowy plants.  

People 1  $19.99             

12 high res and animatable people.   

Primitive Shapes  $14.99

24 Shapes that can be scaled on the X, Y, & Z axes.  You can apply your own custom textures.      


Printing  $14.99

Generates storyboards ready for printing.   

Post FX Pro  $19.99      NEW!

Add professional level post processing effects like Color Grading and others.      

Simple Military  $9.99

129 simplified military objects.  

Simple Office  $9.99 

149 simplified office objects.  

Simple People  $9.99  

111 simplified people.  

Simple Town  $9.99

158 simplified town objects.  

Text & Paint  $24.99

Add text and/or draw on to the viewfinder.   

Vehicles 1  $14.99   

18 vehicles which have opening doors and hoods, and working headlights.  They are also colorable.   

Weapons Pack  $9.99            

53 weapons.    


VR  $49.99

Fully editable Virtual Reality experience.  Windows only.  See system requirements on VR page.

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