Post FX Pro & Post FX Basic

Post-processing effects.

Post FX Pro

The Post FX Pro expansion pack includes pro level effects.

  • Ambient Occlusion simulates natural darkening in corners. Contains INTENSITY and RADIUS controls.

  • Bloom enhances lights and makes them glow.  Controls include INTENSITY, THRESHOLD, SOFT KNEE, and RADIUS.

  • Vignette includes controls for INTENSITY, SMOOTHNESS, ROUNDNESS, X & Y POSITION, and COLOR.

  • Chromatic Aberration has a control for INTENSITY.

  • Color Grading is where Post FX Pro really shines!

Color Grading - Basic

Color Grading - Trackballs

Pro level controls for color.

Color Grading - Channel Mixer

Standard Channel Mixer controls

Color Grading - Tonemapping

HDR color space for incredible control over highlights and shadows.

Post FX Basic

ShotPro comes with nine quick post effects.  These are not configurable. They are either on or off.

  • Facebook Metallic
  • Twitter Metallic
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