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MoCap (Face) 

Capture facial expressions and audio with this super easy to use expansion pack.

ShotPro version 4.1

Face MoCap

    This is a powerful feature that allows you to capture your facial expressions and apply them onto your Designer Characters effortlessly. Audio from the device’s microphone will be captured as well. Please watch this tutorial video. Face MoCaps are controlled in the Face Track within the Timeline. You activate Face MoCap mode by selecting a Designer Character and pressing the Face MoCap Inspector button.


Important: Capturing your facial expressions can only be done on iPhone X (and newer), and the latest iPad Pro devices. Every device that contains the TrueDepth camera will work. However, playing back face captures can be done on any Platform.


Note: This feature is an Expansion Pack and must be purchased.


Note: The first time you attempt to record, you may need to grant ShotPro permission to access the device’s microphone.


Here you can prepare for the capture session. Press the Record button once you’re ready to begin.


Now recording has begun. The maximum length is 30 seconds. Audio is being captured as well. Tap anywhere on the screen to stop.


Here you can view your recording and decide whether it’s good enough or needs a retake. Press Use if you are satisfied with it.

Sharing Face MoCaps to non-iOS devices is possible by sending the project that contains the motion captures from your iOS device to your Mac or Windows computers. This will also work with ShotPro S.

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