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License Management

    The License Management screen is the first menu that appears after opening ShotPro. You will receive your License Key via e-mail after your purchase is complete. Once you have received your License Key, you can then copy & paste it into ShotPro.

Important: You must have a valid internet connection when submitting your license key.

Note: This screen does not appear in the iOS & Mac App Store versions, or any version purchased from an App Store.

Note: You can access this screen at anytime by clicking on the License Button in the Project Browser.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 8.24.45 PM.png

Enter License Key: This is the text field where you can type in or paste your license key.


Activate Trial Mode: Trial mode allows you too give ShotPro (and all Expansion Packs) a spin before making a purchase. It is time limited (30 mins), and saving is disabled. To deactivate Trial Mode, you need to press License -> Enter New License Key. The License Button is found in the upper-right hand corner of Project Browser.

Buy a License: Takes you to a webpage where you can purchase a license key.

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