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Exporting is where all of your scenes are compiled into a single video file, perfect for sharing with clients and co-workers. This process can take some time, depending on the export settings and project length.


Tip: On Desktop you can safely hide ShotPro during Export. You will get a notification (on macOS) when the Export is complete.

ShotPro Export Menu
  • Preset: Contains a list of the most common aspect ratios such as 4:3, 16:9, etc…

  • Aspect Ratio: Allows you to type in a custom width & height.

  • Resolution: Choose a resolution which you would like the video to be rendered at. These values are derived from the Aspect Ratio.

  • Custom FPS: Type in a custom frame rate for the video.

  • Frames Per Second: Choose a common preset frame rate.

  • Audio: Would you like audio to be included in the export. Turning this off will speed up export times.

  • Entire Project / Current Scene: Choose whether you would like to export the currently open scene or a compilation of the entire project.

  • Start Export: Start the export process. The export can be cancelled at anytime.

  • GIF: View the GIF export dialog.

GIF Export

ShotPro GIF Export Menu

ShotPro supports exporting to GIF files. GIF files are short looping sequence of images commonly used on the web as alternatives to videos. You can Export the current Scene as a GIF. You can access this menu via the Export menu.

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