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Project Browser

    The Project Browser is where you manage your ShotPro projects. Here you can create, delete, view, and open existing projects. On Desktop platforms you get to choose where the projects are located on disk.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 7.51.02 PM.png
  • Fullscreen: Switch between windowed and fullscreen mode.

  • New Project: Create a new project.

  • Open Project: Open an existing project.

  • Dropbox: Link a Dropbox account.

  • Icons: View the projects as icons.

  • List: View the projects as a list.

  • License: Go back to the License Management screen.

  • Help: View the Help menu.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 7.51.45 PM.png

This menu is accessed by clicking on the 3 dots to the left of a project’s name.

Show in Finder: This will reveal the project within the Finder.

Upload: Uploads the project to your Dropbox account.

Project Folder (Advanced)

    This section covers the structure of a ShotPro Project Folder. This is not needed in most cases and is only provided for those who are curious or anxious to learn about the inner-workings of ShotPro.


Note: All Projects end with the .shotpro suffix. This is to indicate to ShotPro that it is indeed a ShotPro Project.


Note: Any extra files and folders that you place into the Project Folder will be ignored by ShotPro.

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.21.43

This image shows a typical ShotPro Project Folder. These files and folders are auto-generated by ShotPro.

New ShotPro Pjt.shotpro: This is the Project’s name and the container which holds all of the Project’s content.


custom_backgrounds: Contains imported images (PNG and JPG).


custom_obj: Contains imported props (OBJ).


Face Captures: Contains all face capture recordings.


paintings: Contains Viewfinder paintings made  with the Text & Draw feature.


pro-post-fx.txt: Contains data which describes the Project’s Pro Post FX settings in XML.


scene thumbnails: Contains the icons for each Scene in PNG format.


scenes.txt: Contains all of the Scenes in XML.


version.txt: Version of ShotPro that the Project was last saved with.


Voice Overs: Contains all audio for the Project except the Music Bed.


music bed.wav: Imported Music Bed (not shown in screenshot).

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