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Help Menu

The Help Menu contains learning resources and ways to connect with us. Also it contains controls for making the user interface bigger or smaller. The Help Menu is accessed in the upper-right corner of the Stage & Project Browser.

ShotPro Screenshot (2).png
  • Watch Tutorial Videos: Takes you to the official video Tutorial section on our website. Most of these videos are short and to the point.

  • User Interface Size: Change the size of all text & menus within ShotPro. It’s useful especially if the font size is too small and you’re finding it hard to read.

  • Privacy Policy: View the official ShotPro Privacy Policy.

  • Ask a Question: Contains answers to common questions. Type in your question in the text field.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: View the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Get Log File: Opens the ShotPro log file. It is important to send us the log file when you are experiencing bugs with ShotPro.

  • Support: Opens the default e-mail client where you can contact us.

  • Website: Takes you to the ShotPro website.

  • Twitter: Takes you to the ShotPro Twitter profile.

  • Facebook: Takes you to the ShotPro Facebook page.

  • YouTube: Takes you to the ShotPro YouTube channel.

  • Rate: Takes you to the ShotPro App Store page so that you can rate/review.

  • Intuitive interface for scene creation

  • Scalable UI

  • Keyframe control

  • Nesting objects

  • Object rotation and position snapping

  • Curved motion paths

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