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    ShotPro contains built-in support for Dropbox. Dropbox makes it easy to keep your projects synchronized across all of your devices. This allows you to start a project on your home computer, and finish it on your phone, for instance.


Important: You will need to create a Dropbox account before using it with ShotPro (if you don’t have one already). This can be done on the official Dropbox website.


Once you have an account, you will then need to link once for every ShotPro instance that you have. Linking is done within ShotPro by clicking on the Dropbox button in the Project Browser. Linking will cause a ShotPro directory to be created in your Dropbox account.

ShotPro Dropbox Menu

Get Code: Launches your default web browser and will present a token generated by Dropbox. You will need to copy this code and paste it into the Enter code… text field within ShotPro. Then press Submit, and you have successfully linked your Dropbox account.

Project Synchronization

Once you have linked your Dropbox account, you are now ready to begin uploading and downloading projects.

ShotPro Screenshot (6).png

This is what the Project Browser looks like after a Dropbox account has been linked. The left column shows your projects that are on your local machine. The right column shows your projects that have been uploaded to Dropbox.


Click a project in the right column to download it onto your computer.


When you restart ShotPro, you will need to click the Dropbox > Refresh button in order to view your uploaded projects once again.

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