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    After you download ShotPro you will need to unzip it (if not already). Archive Utility (built-in to macOS) is the recommended way of doing so (right-click -> Open With -> Archive Utility). Once the app is successfully extracted, you can safely drag it into your Applications folder and discard the zip file.


Tip: Drag ShotPro into your dock for quick access.


The first time you attempt to run ShotPro be sure to right-click it and select Open. Then you will get the following menu:

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 8.56.11 AM.png

Then press the Open button and you will be good to go. This dialog will not appear again as macOS will remember your decision until you update the app.


    Once ShotPro is downloaded it will need to be extracted (if not already). Right-click the downloaded zip file and select Extract All. Once the extraction is complete, you can safely move the ShotPro directory into the Program Files and discard the zip file.


Important: Make sure that all anti-virus software is set to ignore ShotPro. Anti-virus software can prevent ShotPro from doing some essential tasks such as accessing the licensing server and saving projects.


Tip: You can create an alias of ShotPro.exe and place it on your Desktop for quick access. Right-click on ShotPro.exe and select Create Alias. Then drag this alias onto your Desktop.


    You first must enable the Unknown Sources option found in the Settings -> General -> Security section. This is a requirement in order to install ShotPro on Android. Once ShotPro is downloaded it will need to be extracted (if not already) and then installed.

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