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iPad Lidar Scan

LiDAR scans

You can use a LiDAR scanner to capture an object, person, room, or outdoor scenes.  LiDAR scanning is very quick and easy to do.


Take multiple stills of your subject from different angles and send them to us for processing.  We will turn them into a 3D prop which is optimized for ShotPro.  You can photograph anything from small objects to outdoor drone captures.  

Photogrammetry iOS Device

Industry leading visualization software.  ShotPro is used by top level productions, schools, indie groups and individuals.  Make your story come to life with ShotPro!

"The New ShotPro App Brings Incredible Pre-Visualization Power to Your iPad & iPhone"

                     No Film School

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ShotPro Pro Cam


Pro Cam
Set your camera to mimic popular real world cameras.  Includes dozens of sensor sizes.
ShotPro Lens Flares
Lens Flares
Choose from a variety of lens flare effects. Requires expansion pack purchase
ShotPro Storyboard Export Printing
Storyboard Prints
Print storyboards to keep your crew in sync. Expansion Pack purchase required.
ShotPro Set Designer
Set Designer
Add walls, doors, windows, and more to create a set. Adjust wall height and color. Measurements are accurate down to the inch.
paint and text wix.png
Text & Draw
Express your ideas by drawing directly over the scene. Requires expansion pack purchase.
ShotPro Character Designer Male
Character Designer
Modify characters with an incredible number of variations, from body and face shapes to clothing options.


Production slate syncs up info for each scene and has customizable fields.
Mocap 2.png
Face Mocap
Use the latest iPhones and instantly capture and apply your expressions and voice to your designer characters. Requires expansion pack purchase.
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality expansion pack for iOS allows you to mix animated 3D characters and objects with a real world background.  The possibilities are endless.  Requires expansion pack purchase.

Project Sync

Start a project on your computer, finish it off on your phone. Keep your projects in sync across all of your devices with built-in support for Dropbox.
Fog & Smoke
w/ Volumetric Lighting
Add realistic smoke/fog effects. Requires expansion pack purchase.
Pro Post FX.png

Post FX Pro

Pro level color grading.  Requires expansion pack purchase.

"Unfortunately, outside of higher budget projects that can afford dedicated pre-vis artists, thats where ShotPro comes in."       No Film School

"ShotPro puts everything into perspective for my crew! ShotPro surpasses way beyond the more expensive storyboarding software like Storyboard Quick!"

        John Scott 

"ShotPro has given me the power to bring my vision to life before I ever shoot a frame!"

     Waymon Boone

Living Room
Living Room

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Set Designer
Set Designer

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Living Room
Living Room

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ShotPro iPad Pro Screenshot.png
ShotPro iPhone Screenshot.png
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