Colby Robison
Sep 2, 2017

Cinematography & More Suggestions


Edited: Sep 3, 2017

The suggestions I'm noting relate to the cinematography & other parts of the app:


-Image Stabilization feature to stabilize shaky handheld shots

-Crane fully functional (arm moves) (Similar to FrameForge)

-Add sliders & tripods & tracks for dolly to show its path (also helpful for building set) (Similar to FrameForge)

-Cameraman animates (walking, crouching, etc) based on camera movement

-GoPro/Action cam avatar

-Controls to lock pan/tilt or X & Z movement (hopefully applicable to AR mode)

-Improve slate (Maybe similar to Digislate app)

-ISO, Shutter Speed, FPS & Aspect Ratio settings & flat setting to test color grading the export (Similar to Filmic Pro)

-Freeze-frame, increase/decrease speed of shots (Similar to iMovie)

-Ability to paste sound effect on specific objects (allows for distant & surround sounds based on camera placement on set)

-Ability to create facial expressions by mixing different presets (Similar to FrameForge)

-Ability for more objects with moving parts (fridge doors, car wheels & doors, etc.)

-Ability to change character's clothes & hairstyle

-Ability to lock characters & objects from going through floor

-Built-in Editor with transitions & texts (Similar to iMovie)

Sep 11, 2017

Hi Colby,


Thank you for your suggestions. We'll see what we can do.

Oct 4, 2017

Hi Colby,


Image Stabilization has been added to ShotPro 3.5 iOS.

New Posts
  • wadeshotter
    Oct 22

    this must be possible? it seems like it should be since camera movement is a fundamental aspect of film making and this key-frame issue also spills into character and object animation. currently the key-frame slider option to create more or less ease doesn't change a thing. i'm trying to previs a commercial but have had to give up because i can't produce a simple camera move without ease messing with the pan, tilt and camera speed. any added key-frames to fight the 'ease' create even more bumps in the movement. been using this app for 4 years and you guys had it right at some point. but for a long time now, whenever there is a pan and tilt the ease over compensates and there's no way to control it.
  • julien.grincajgier
    Aug 12

    Hi, It would be great to have sand dunes like the Sahara desert. Best.
  • anand.sunku
    Jul 24

    If the scene can be visualised as X-ray mode for detective story it will be great.

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