Nov 12, 2017

Accurate size in the real world


When previewing, I want to see the height and width of the set, the height and angle of the camera, the number of milli-meters. Because these data are necessary for a meeting. In the current SHOTPRO, I can grab the width of the object using the grid, but there is no easy way to know the height of the actor's tall and the height and angle of the camera. (Please let me know if it is installed)

Accurate data of the size of the set is necessary within a limited budget. I have to persuade the client with that data.

Nov 13, 2017



Thank you for your feedback!


ShotPro 3.6 includes a new measuring tool, perfect for finding dimensions of props & walls in feet or meters.


The Camera's height, zoom, and angle are listed in it's inspector. Let me know if you need more clarification on that.


You can measure the height of an actor with the new measuring tool with the following steps:

1) Create a cube.

2) Turn on measurements.

3) Scale and move the cube to match that of the actor.



Nov 16, 2017

HOW to create a cube?


Nov 22, 2017

Do a search for "cube" in the Create menu.

Nov 24, 2017

THX! I founded!!

I want to function that Transformation cube.

I want to change the vertical and horizontal values ​​separately

This function is useful for determining the set background.

Nov 24, 2017

Scaling X, Y, and Z seperately is available in our Primitive Shapes pack.

Nov 25, 2017

I bought it!


I also have the features I want. I want to set an anchor point when scaling.

Moving the numerical value of Y makes it far from the ground and moving the object to the ground again is a troublesome work.

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    Oct 22

    this must be possible? it seems like it should be since camera movement is a fundamental aspect of film making and this key-frame issue also spills into character and object animation. currently the key-frame slider option to create more or less ease doesn't change a thing. i'm trying to previs a commercial but have had to give up because i can't produce a simple camera move without ease messing with the pan, tilt and camera speed. any added key-frames to fight the 'ease' create even more bumps in the movement. been using this app for 4 years and you guys had it right at some point. but for a long time now, whenever there is a pan and tilt the ease over compensates and there's no way to control it.
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