May 10, 2018


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Pretty much all of my problems would be solved if we could animate imported objects. That being said, I've got a few basic requests:


1. A door that I can animate to open and close.

2. More characters, even to buy. Right now I need a scarecrow that I can animate. I'm on OS X so I don't have the character design update yet.

3. I have to put being able to animate objects I import again. This would make ShotPro outrageously awesome. Even if there was just one imported filetype I could pose, that would be amazing.


This is a great program. My company uses it all the time, thanks! www.spectaclephoto.com

Jul 19, 2018

Imported props can be animated with keyframes just like built-in props.


2. Character Designer is now available on the Mac version.

3. Can you clarify this a bit?

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    Oct 10

    would be nice to make people smoking and a feature to throw the cigarette or cigar away expression...
  • anand.sunku
    Aug 4

    I need ants in animals or may be a new category insects
  • amarti3183
    Jul 13

    It'd be great if you added grip equipment to the props: a technocrane to which we could attach one of the existing cameras, at the end of the arm (and it’d be awesome if the crane had a rig so we could puppet-animate it)... A camera car... A Russian arm... Thank you.

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