Apr 19, 2018

Hand prop request. And info needed

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A spoon. Regular sized tablespoon. it’s a key prop in the feature I’m prepping.

Was trying to import an .obj as custom object but in your documentation I could not find how to do it on iOS, I’m on ipad pro. Thanks!!


Apr 20, 2018

I noticed a great spoon but it is part of the ”table settings” prop from the pirate section,

so there are many other pieces in that single object. That spoon by itself would be great.

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  • edit
    Oct 10

    would be nice to make people smoking and a feature to throw the cigarette or cigar away expression...
  • anand.sunku
    Aug 4

    I need ants in animals or may be a new category insects
  • amarti3183
    Jul 13

    It'd be great if you added grip equipment to the props: a technocrane to which we could attach one of the existing cameras, at the end of the arm (and it’d be awesome if the crane had a rig so we could puppet-animate it)... A camera car... A Russian arm... Thank you.

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