Gee Nez
Sep 11, 2017

Emissive Planes & Film Equipment


Edited: Sep 11, 2017

I think it would be useful if the Backgrounds Pack had some planes with emissive textures. Great for a neon sign look when the environment is dark, as they don't respond to light. Whaddaya think? Also thought it would be nice to include some cam and lighting props to create a film set look.



Sep 12, 2017

Great suggestions. We'll see what we can do.

Gee Nez
Sep 12, 2017


Gee Nez
Dec 12, 2017

Are you going to add emissive planes any time soon? Are there any suggestions on how I can achieve this effect otherwise? Thanks again for continuing to improve on an already great app.

Dec 17, 2017

Yes I would like to see some soft boxes, flags, 4x4 frames, c-stands, dolly tracks, jibs etc. Things that you actually use on a set.

Gee Nez
Mar 5, 2018

I have another request that may be of the more difficult variety if at all possible on this platform:

Would it be possible to create a way to export 360 video or panoramas? I saw this 360 info video and was inspired to create something like this - if only...


I share your app whenever I get the chance. Continuing to be amazing!

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  • edit
    Oct 10

    would be nice to make people smoking and a feature to throw the cigarette or cigar away expression...
  • anand.sunku
    Aug 4

    I need ants in animals or may be a new category insects
  • amarti3183
    Jul 13

    It'd be great if you added grip equipment to the props: a technocrane to which we could attach one of the existing cameras, at the end of the arm (and it’d be awesome if the crane had a rig so we could puppet-animate it)... A camera car... A Russian arm... Thank you.

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