Jul 6, 2018

Cell phone



Would it be possible to have a cell phone under the props menu? 21st century I think it would be great! thank you

Dec 31, 2018

I also would like to have a cellphone as a prop, thanks for listening.

Jun 9

it is now currently there but not working properly..any article to fix it ?

Aug 5

We have added a handful of cell phones and smart-phones to the Prop Shop.

New Posts
  • edit
    Oct 10

    would be nice to make people smoking and a feature to throw the cigarette or cigar away expression...
  • anand.sunku
    Aug 4

    I need ants in animals or may be a new category insects
  • amarti3183
    Jul 13

    It'd be great if you added grip equipment to the props: a technocrane to which we could attach one of the existing cameras, at the end of the arm (and it’d be awesome if the crane had a rig so we could puppet-animate it)... A camera car... A Russian arm... Thank you.

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