Dec 4, 2017

Tilting the camera & height of the camera?

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Hi group, been a few days of a couple hours a day, it's a cool app but definitely have some issues understanding. Daniel's been cool when he can reply but I suspect he's a very busy person.


I'm sort of understanding some of the app, have made a few basic scenes of a car pulling into a driveway for my auto accessory client reveal video. Right now my three issues are:


1. Not understanding the tilt feature for the camera I thought it was x y but I'm sensing that's for moving the camera on the background and turning it.

2. I cannot figure out how to adjust the height of the camera, I'd love to have a low shot for the car.

3. I am not understanding how to track the camera similar to the handheld video they have on the support site.


If anyone can offer some help on any of these issues, I'd be so appreciative..

Dec 19, 2017

Took me a long time to work this out.

X Y and Z are for the horizontal and vertical position of the camera in space

Tilt is adjusted using X with a circle arrow

Track is done with keyframes - set the camera in its first position, then use the red + diamond at the bottom of the screen to add a keyframe. Then set it to its second position, drag the inverted arrow playhead to the point in the timeline where you want the track to end, and add a second keyframe.

The app is powerful but the interface is baffling and the documentation is atrocious!

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