Dec 20, 2018

Key framing not working as advertised?


Edited: Dec 20, 2018


Happy Holidays.


What am I doing wrong?

Running latest iOS: 12.1.1 / iPad Pro 10.5 (2017 Model)


I followed this video: (ShotPro youtube channel)



My character walks backward to starting point only. Not as I am intending.



1) I tap key frame once, at beginning.

2) Move time slider to desired timeline endpoint, tap key frame again.

3) Move character to desired end point.

4) Tap instant rewind on timescale. It instantly brings character model back to starting position, but after I press play button on time scale, character model won’t move forward as intended. No matter if I’m playing scene via pressing play button on timescale or if scrub timeline forward with finger - character doesn’t move.


5) Other way: After setting desired end point key frame, then moving character to end point. (I do tap instant rewind button) instead choose play, chara model starts walking backwards (opposite of what I want actor to do)


what am I doing wrong here?

Dec 21, 2018


Jan 4

Try this instead:

1) I tap key frame once, at beginning.

2) Move time slider to desired timeline endpoint.

3) Move character to desired end point.

4) tap key frame again

Jan 15Edited: Jan 15

@Daniel That did it. THANK YOU!!!


Can I do an entire group *4 people* and “pan camera from left to right” with this one key frame?


or is it key frame per object?





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