Apr 18

Image within viewfinder greyed out

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This morning when I launched an existing project, the image in the viewfinder appears, but it is greyed out. If I attach a viewfinder to the individual cameras, the colors within the viewfinder are fine. I haven't changed any parameters like Sun, Weather, etc. All of those are either Off or at Default. Suggestions, please?


Apr 18

Additional information:


The grey overcast seen in the viewfinder appears in exported video.


A new project opens and the viewfinder is not greyed out.


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  • chuck
    Nov 3

    I'm trying to start a new project, and when I opened the program, the active camera is being shown in the top right hand corner (as usual) and also in the bottom left hand corner. I can't minimize the window in the bottom left and I can't open the settings, because the settings window pops up behind that camera window. I have no idea how to get rid of it and I've literally been clicking on everything for the past 45 minutes haha. Can someone please help me out? I can't select it, nor can I find a way to get rid of it.
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    Hi dear, how can I change pose of hands? When I select hand in the ik posing menu I can control only the hand position but not the angle and rotation. Furthermore, is it possible to open/close the hand? I use the app on ipad. Thank you so much in advande,
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    Oct 22

    What are the specs necessary for graphic panoramas that can be imported?

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