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360º View 

You can look around in all directions during the playback of your scenes or project.  You can also  activate stereoscopic or anaglyph options for the full 3D effect.

To activate:

  1. Press the project playback button

  2. Press the 360º button at the bottom left of the screen

  3. Rotate the mobile device, or move the mouse to view the interactive 360º effect.


3D Objects

Please follow the following guidelines when importing custom 3D objects:

  • The object must be in .obj format.  Other formats are not supported.

  • The polygon count must be 50,000 or less per object.

  • You can import .mtl files for materials and .png & .jpg files for images.

  • If you are using an image file for the object, you must have an .mtl file also.

  • Animations are not currently supported.

On desktop versions of ShotPro use the IMPORT button.  

On mobile devices follow these instructions:

Place the .obj, .mtl, and .png files into a folder called custom_obj.  This folder is found inside the ShotPro Project folder, it will have .shotpro as the suffix. When you reopen the project and your custom object will be accessible in ShotPro.

If your object does not import you can open it in Blender first.  Then export it out from Blender in .obj format.  Also set the export settings in Blender to 

  • Vertex Order to ON,  

  • Triangulate Faces to ON,

  • Path Mode to Strip Path.

  • If your specular color is set to white your texture may not be visible.  If you are not using specular it should be set to black. 

In iOS you will have to use iTunes to import the custom objects.

The standard version of ShotPro comes with over six hundred 3D objects built-in.  These include furniture, vehicles, people, animals, nature, outdoor structures and much more. You can add and arrange these to create just about any situation in your scenes.  The objects are positionable and scaleable, some are colorable, and have custom features like car doors opening.

An additional 1500 plus objects are available in Expansion Packs. 

You can also import your own 3D Objects in the .obj format.


3D output

View or render your scenes or the whole project in Anaglyph 3D or Stereoscopic 3D Splitscreen mode. Anaglyph 3D Requires Anaglyph glasses.

Anaglyph 3D

View your scene or project in anaglyph 3D mode.

  1. Tap the main viewfinder.

  2. Press the 3D Anaglyph button.

  3. Press the project playback button.

  4. Use anaglyph red/green glasses to see the 3D effect.

  5. Can be used with 360º view.


3D Splitscreen

View your scene or project in 3D Splitscreen mode.

  1. Tap the main viewfinder.

  2. Press the 3D Splitscreen button.

  3. Press the project playback button.

  4. This is best viewed on a mobile device with VR headset.

  5. Can be used with 360º view.




All objects can be animated to simulate real world motion.  This is done by using a timeline and keyframes.

AR - Augmented Reality


ShotPro has one of the most powerful implementations of Augmented Reality.  




You can add numerous cameras in each scene and switch between them to get just the right shot.  They can be animated in smooth paths and targeted to follow the action.  Adjust Depth of Field for each camera, set your cameras avatar, as in dolly, handheld, tripod and such.  Also add notes for each camera to ensure your crew can stay organized.


  • Face Mocap (Expansion Pack)  for iPhone X

  • Character Designer

  • Many built-in characters with animations

  • Animals with animations

  • 600+ 3D objects


  • Multi-Display mode allows you to output the viewfinder onto a 2nd display.

  • Supports all platforms.

  • If a 2nd display is connected, the Multi-Display button will appear next to the upper-left corner of the viewfinder.

  • Press the Multi-Display button to activate multi-display mode.

  • Please see this page for more information on AirPlay on iOS:



Objects can be nested, one inside another to take on the motion of the parent object.  This is useful in placing people inside cars, or making it possible to move a whole group of objects at the same time, like walls or a forest.

Set Designer

Allows you to quickly add walls, door and windows.  Displays dimensions in feet and meters.


  • Point light

  • Spot light

  • Ambient

  • Sun


  • Movie export up to 4K resolution

  • Print storyboards (requires expansion pack)

Stage View​​

This is the main working area for ShotPro


  • Intuitive interface for scene creation

  • Scalable UI

  • Keyframe control

  • Nesting objects

  • Object rotation and position snapping

  • Curved motion paths


Built in to the ShotPro app is a full production slate.  Linked to each scene.  Use your tablet or phone.


This represents what your movie looks like. Tapping on the viewfinder opens the following settings:

  • Aspect Ratio

  • Post FX

  • Snapshot

  • 3D Splitscreen

  • Anaglyph 3D

  • Add Text and Paint on screen (Expansion Pack)

  • Camera info

  • Facebook Metallic
  • Twitter Metallic
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