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Fog Expansion Pack

Add volumetric fog with smoke.  Customize color, size, direction and more.

Currently not available on mobile.

fog 3.png
fog 5.png
fog 2.png
Fog i1.png
fog 4.png
Fog Inspector Screenshot.png

Fog Info


Usage: Go to Scene Settings. Click on Fog.


Description: Advanced fog and smoke rendering. Provides true to life volumetric lighting. Perfect for adding a touch of realness to your projects.


Description (short): Advanced fog and smoke rendering.


Supported Platforms: Mac & PC

Fog Documentation


Fog is saved per-scene and effects all cameras.


Enabled: Use this to turn fog on/off.

Volumetric Density: Density of fog.

Scattering: Scatters the fog.

Fog Height Enabled: Turn on to make fog only effect lower portion of scene.

Fog Height: How high the fog should go.

Fog Transition Size: How quickly the fog should fade away.


Particles: Turn on smoke particles.

Size: Individual particle size.

X, Y, Z Velocity: Used to simulate wind.

Particle Density: Density of the particles.

Particle Density Strength: Use this to turn fog on/off.

Position: Position of the particle system.


    ShotPro contains volumetric fog rendering. This feature is important for creating more realistic shots.


Note: You must have High Quality enabled in Settings in order to use this effect.


Note: Fog is an Expansion Pack and requires a purchase.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 6.38.30 PM.png
fog 3.png

This image shows the fog effect with the sun shining behind some trees. You can see sun beams.

This image shows the controls available for Fog. These controls are located in the Scene Settings.

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